Feb 1ST

Can you support with work experience opportunities?

Work experience is an essential element of our full time study programmes and the College needs support from industry to ensure our full time learners are work-ready.

Professor Alison Wolf, in her Review of vocational education (2011), recommended that study programmes should be introduced to offer students breadth and depth, without limiting their options for future study or work. Professor Wolf also recommended that in order to enhance their employability skills, all young people should be able to gain real experience and knowledge of the workplace.

In order to help our full time learners to understand the personal skills and behaviours required for employment, all learners are required to undertake work experience related to their vocational area of study.  This helps to ensure that the full time courses on offer remain relevant to industry and focused on maximising progression to the next stage of education, employment or an apprenticeship.  

However Moulton College needs your support to ensure that sufficient, high quality work placement opportunities are available across the vocational specialisms of Construction, Land Based industries and Sport.  This work placement could take a variety of forms;

  • One or two days per week over an extended period on days where the student is not required in College
  • Blocks of one or more weeks, usually outside of college term
  • Evenings or weekends if relevant to your industry
  • Combination of the above.

If you currently employ an apprentice with the College you may wish to take on a full time student for the day that your apprentice is in College.  Also if you plan to recruit an apprentice in the future getting involved with work experience will give you the opportunity to meet and work with young people for an extended period that may be suitable to meet any future skills needs on completion of their full time courses.  This should help reduce future recruitment costs and ensure that any future young employees are going to have the skills required to excel.  20% of employers who offer work experience say it helps them with recruitment and 27% of all employers offered work experience in the past year.

Over half (53%) of all employers who offer work experience say they do this because “it provides the experience young people need”.  However, as well as the intrinsic value of work experience helping young people get into work, there are also business benefits including;

  • Brand loyalty and profile - giving back to local communities is likely to lead to increased brand loyalty and profile, and in turn to greater profits.
  • Market insights - Young people often bring fresh ideas and approaches.
  • Staff development and engagement - staff supervising work placement can really benefit by developing skills, including communication, coaching and counselling, influencing, negotiation and developing future management capabilities.

If you would like to find out more please contact Student Services at Moulton College who will put you in touch with the relevant Programme Leader for your sector to discuss how you can support this essential element of our young student’s education and training.