Jul 1ST

Food and Drink Degree Apprenticeships

Moulton College are a delivery partner in the FEAST project providing support and grant funding to Food and Drink Manufacturers across the South East Midlands in partnership with the Food and Drink Forum. 

To help meet the higher level skills needs of the UK Food and Drink Industry, Moulton College will soon be offering Degree Apprenticeships in Food Science and Technology. To help us ensure that we adopt a delivery model that fits with the demands of your business, we would be most grateful if you could complete this short questionnaire: https://goo.gl/forms/1vf4nnp9d8Z8ngmr1. This will take only a couple of minutes of your valuable time to complete.

For more information simply contact Head of Higher Education Ian Coleman ian.coleman@moulton.ac.uk or drop us a line on 01604 491131.