Equine Therapy Centre

The Equine Therapy Centre at Moulton College provides a variety of hydrotherapy treatments and services to promote and assist the recovery of clients’ horses in a purpose-built fitness facility located at the Pitsford Centre.

The benefit of hydrotherapy is that it relieves stress on a horse’s joints, as it lessens impact. At the same time it provides greater resistance, since the density of water is some 12 times greater than that of air. This combination makes hydrotherapy an excellent way to recondition a horse after an injury or surgery, or to improve fitness generally – just as it is for human athletes.


The centre has a state-of-the-art BHA approved indoor swimming pool which measures 30m long, 3.25m wide with a maximum depth of 2.7m. The pool also contains a variable force jet stream system that enables the horse to be swum against a constant force of water if required. The swimming pool has many benefits for horses as it challenges the musculoskeletal system without concussive forces, improves fitness, stamina and muscle tone, builds muscle without putting pressure on the back and joints, improves flexibility, balance and circulation and is used as a  variation in training to freshen up stale horses.

Hydrotherapy Spa

Modern hydrotherapy spas use chilled saline water applied in water jets to the lower legs. This strengthens the tissues, reduces inflammation, swelling and pain, and reduces general stiffness and soreness. The hydrotherapy spa can be useful in treating a variety of injuries, including tendon, ligament, concussive and foot injuries. It can also be used in cases of arthritis and post-competition strain.

Aqua Treadmill

The aqua treadmill is an exercise medium with some therapeutic elements, especially in the recovery or post acute phase of an injury. It assists in the conditioning of the muscles and the heart and lungs, while reducing the stress on the tendons and ligaments. The Activo-Med system uses the natural properties of water to create a low-impact treadmill workout, which increases cardiovascular activity and muscle strength. The system is designed to be an essential part of post-operative recovery and training, boosting general health and well being through controlled exercise.


This item of equipment promotes the well being of the horse and therefore performance. It also acts as a device to dry horses that have been using the aqua therapy facilities by using hot air diffusers similar to a large hair dryer. The upper and lower chest, and stomach are reached due to the reflection of air from the ground and the thermal current. Equine solariums are rapidly becoming an invaluable addition to help maintain health and condition, and assist with the drying of horses and ponies.

There are high quality stables adjunct to the therapy centre providing temporary residence for horses receiving treatment at the Centre. The facility also hosts a surgery for Town and Country Vets, who are a specialist equine veterinary practice.

Injury Treatment

Conditions responding well to hydrotherapy treatment include: tendon and ligament damage; bone damage e.g. sore shins  and splints; joint conditions e.g. degenerative joint disease and arthritis; swellings and stiffness e.g. concussion injuries, post operative swelling and lymphangitis; infections in wounds e.g. puncture wounds, infected joints, infected tendon sheaths, open wounds and over-reach injuries;

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