Financial Help for Students

Many of the courses that we run are free to students, so if you are under the age of 19 and looking to complete a full-time course with us then you will not be charged for tuition, examination or registration fees. If you’re an apprentice, regardless of age, you won’t be charged.

All full-time further education students, regardless of age, pay a contribution each year towards ensuring services provided by the college are available for everyone. These services include transport around the college, car parking, security, access to college nurses, counsellors and student welfare team, internet access, subsidised catering and much more. The contribution is £125 for students at the Moulton campus, and £75 for students at Higham Ferrers or Daventry.

Many higher education students take out loans to cover the cost of their degree courses and don’t pay them back until they have completed their degree and they are earning more than £25,000 a year. 

Helping you to understand whether or not you’ll be charged for courses and whether there is additional financial support available can be complicated and we’ve tried to simplify this by grouping the information in a helpful way. Click on the links below to find out more about course fees and the extra financial support that exists to help you not just with course costs but also with the additional costs associated with studying, for example, transport, meals, accommodation costs. 


Funding for 16-18 years

All full-time courses are free for students under 19 years. Funding is also available to support transport, meals and residential accommodation.

Funding for 19+ students

Adult learners can apply for a course support bursary, available to students from families where the household income is less than £28,000 a year.

Funding for Apprentices

There is a variety of funding options available to students to help pay for courses and tools. These funds assist with essential trade tools, college bus pass, travelling to your place of work
and an additional professional qualification relevant to your apprenticeship.

Funding for Higher Education

The College will charge a fee for students who start their first Higher Education course in September 2016. Students who started their courses in previous years will continue to pay the same fee as when they started.