Support for Students

Moulton College places great emphasis on providing effective support for all its students.

Our learning support team are trained to support a wide range of student needs including dyslexia, English and maths support, in-class note taking, planning and writing assignments.  They are also experienced in supporting students with a wide range of issues including autistic spectrum disorders, hearing impairment and physical disabilities.  We employ our own Communication Support Workers to work with Deaf students and a number of our wider staff are able to use British Sign Language.

If you have additional learning support needs you will be invited to a learning support interview before your course begins to assess your requirements and discuss the forms of support you will need.  Learning Support assistants are timetabled into classes to support English and maths and assignment work.  Learning support is also available via a drop in service at lunch time and in the early evening.  In addition. all our college computers also have a range of assistive technologies installed on them to help you work independently.

For more information about the range of support needs we can cater for, please contact the Learning Support team at the College.