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Geraldine Hulley - Clerk to the Corporation

Geraldine joined Moulton College in 2015 as the Clerk to the Corporation. Her role is to maintain the integrity of governance by providing independent, high quality guidance on statutory, constitutional, operational and procedural issues as they affect the Corporation and its Committees. Geraldine also facilitates the proper conduct of meetings of the Corporation and its Committees by ensuring that correct procedures are followed and business is conducted effectively and efficiently.

With extensive experience in a range of senior management roles from working in the post-16 sector for over 30 years, this has enabled Geraldine to bring a unique perspective to governance leadership and is able to address issues from a wider strategic and business perspective.

Geraldine has worked on a number of projects including board leadership on EDI. She is currently working collaboratively with another governance professional on a sector-wide research project into a review of governance structures.