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John O Shea Preferred

John O'Shea, Vice Principal of Curriculum

"I have spent the last 25 years working in education. I started in one of Prince Charles's former schools before moving to one of the worst in London which I enjoyed much more. After five years I moved into lecturing (Biology, Physiology and Nutrition) and have never looked back, spending the next twenty years working in London colleges.
I enjoyed working with students and giving them opportunities they might have missed out on. Raising student aspirations and helping them achieve was my biggest driver and as I have moved more and more into leadership and management I have found myself getting real satisfaction helping colleges improve results and meet student needs.
Even though I have never worked in a Land based college, I came up to Moulton last summer and was instantly hit by the amazing staff students and facilities and have enjoyed every day of my first year here."

#EquineTakeover We have some incredible facilities available to our Equine students, to provide you with the best…

4th August 2021