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Laura Thorpe-Williams

Laura Thorpe-Williams, Young Person Liaison Officer / HE Lead

After spending six years working alongside Moulton College Partner the University of Northampton I realised Moulton was for me and became the School and Young Person Liaison Officer in October 2020.

I am a proud advocate of Moulton College and love spreading the word around our local schools about how amazing our wonderful College is and how we can expand students horizons and set them up in interesting and fulfilling careers for life with the help of our amazing teachers and one of a kind facilities.

I live in a village local to the College and am still blown away everyday by how beautiful our surroundings are here, I love spending time with our unique animals onsite and introducing our school partners to our mob of meerkats and our beautiful horses up at our Pitsford Centre as well as showing them our huge amount of construction and sports facilities.

We look forward to welcoming you and your students to our amazing College!


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8th December 2022