Grooming Centre

The Grooming Centre offers professional grooming services.
Qualified staff will ensure that all breeds are catered for so whether you have a Newfoundland or a Yorkshire terrier you can be sure that the dogs will be groomed to breed specific standards.

Our full grooming service includes bathing and drying, nail clipping and ear cleaning.

The Grooming Centre is fully equipped with state of the art grooming technology. Electric tables provide a safe and effective way to get dogs of all sizes to the right level for grooming.

A professional bath and hair dryers ensure the best treatment for pets coming to be bathed clipped or groomed.

Our competitive prices and easy location, means it is the perfect place to bring your pet to be pampered!

Small Short Coat (Pug, Cairn Terrier)£18-£42
Small Long Coat (Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier)£36-42
Medium Short Coat (Cocker Spaniel, Springer)£40-50
Medium Long Coat (Border Collie, Cockerpoo)£43-51
Large Short Coat (Labrador, Weimeraner)£30-£50
Large Long Coat (Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle)£54-£70
Extra Large Short Coat (Bullmastiff, Great Dane)£48
Extra Large Long Coat (Newfoundland, Leonberger)Quote on Arrival
Cat Groom£36

All grooms include bathing, drying, ear cleaning and nail clipping.

Please note: Prices will vary depending on your dog's size, coat condition and behaviour.

Grooming Consent Form
De-matting Grooming Policy