Aug 1ST

Apprenticeship reform update faces further delays

There have been many changes this month in politics with a new Prime Minister, new education secretary and a new minister for apprenticeships and skills. However, despite all this change, there have been no developments on the information known about the apprenticeship reform.  The government update that was set to be announced at the end of June is still outstanding with no date for this information to be released.  This update promised information on provisional funding bands and the level of the government support available for non-levy paying employers from April 2017 along with details on the extra support available for young apprentices.

However even with this delay there is currently no suggestion that there will be any change to the April 2017 date when the levy will start and funding will change, which will result in less time to prepare for these changes once full details are known.

Moulton College is keen to offer support to help understand how the apprenticeship levy and reforms may impact on business and training needs after April 2017.  Breakfast meetings and briefings are planned over the next few months to keep everyone informed about the changes and the opportunities that they may create.  Moulton College is also keen to understand needs of local businesses for apprenticeship training and workforce development and it is hoped that these briefings will give the opportunity to discuss how to develop exciting new training schemes.  Together we can work to develop a future apprenticeship programme to suit your business needs and address any skills shortages that you may be experiencing.  There is also still the opportunity to work with employer groups to develop new apprenticeship standards that are bespoke to your business sector should these not already exist.

However there is still time to recruit an apprentice before these changes come into effect.  Any new apprentices that start before April 2017 will be funded for the duration of their apprenticeship under the current rules. Currently Moulton College does not charge any employer contribution for intermediate or advanced apprenticeships regardless of learner age.  There are still places for apprentices to start in September and further apprenticeship starts are planned up to March 2017 to support business needs.

If you need any further information or support on apprenticeships or workforce development or would like to be involved in the upcoming briefings please contact the apprenticeship team on or on 01604 673575.  Also please follow the team on twitter @MoutonWBL for further updates on the funding changes.