Aug 1ST

Housing Breakfast Meeting

On Thursday 28th July, Moulton College welcomed local and national housing providers for a breakfast meeting to discuss Apprenticeship reform and the new Housing Trailblazer Apprenticeships.

During the breakfast meeting there was discussion on the new apprenticeship levy (0.5% for those providers with a pay bill of over 3 million per year) and public sector apprenticeship targets, both of which are likely to impact the housing sector. There was discussion around how best to plan to use the levy money to fund new apprenticeships schemes to either bring new talent into the workplace or provide career progression opportunities. Moulton College outlined the support that they could provide to plan and develop apprenticeship schemes for a range of sectors. There was also discussion around the fact that apprenticeship schemes did not have to be restricted to new employees but could be developed to allow existing staff to undertake training to take up a new role within the organisation or following a significant job role change or promotion, for example a housing officer promoted to a management role.

The meeting was supported by David Bramley, Education Officer from the Charted Institute of Housing. David has been actively involved with the development of the new Housing Apprenticeship standards and also with the new ‘end point assessment’ for these standards, which marks a significant change from the current apprenticeship assessment practice. The new standards have much more emphasis on the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the apprentice and are specific to each job role at each level. Currently there are housing standards at level 2 – level 4 to cover roles from customer service / housing assistant to neighbourhood housing manager. David was able to inform delegates on the opportunities that these new standards created and also discussed the degree apprenticeship standard which is currently under development which, once complete, will allow progression from entry into the housing sector to senior management roles all through an apprenticeship route.

David also discussed how the CIH were supporting delivery of the new standards as the only end point assessment organisation that has been approved for all three levels of apprenticeship. This assessment will involve the apprentice completing a case study and interview to evidence their knowledge, skills and behaviours learnt during their apprenticeship and they will only receive a completion certificate if they successful achieve this assessment. This marks a considerable shift from the current apprenticeship framework assessment which was done by means of continuous assessment in the workplace.

Moulton College currently offer CIH courses and housing apprenticeships at intermediate and advanced level and are launching the level 4 housing apprenticeship standard in the autumn term. 

If you would like to discuss these standards and how they could support your organisations training needs please contact Louise Taylor, Housing lecturer and course manager by emailing