Oct 24TH

Machinery Demonstration Day Success!

Moulton College hosted its first machinery demonstration day on Wednesday 5th October at Lodge Farm.   The event was organised by Venture Farm Machinery, supported by Amazone Machines and AS Communications, with a comprehensive range of modern machinery including sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, cultivators, ploughs and drills being demonstrated in the field to farmers and students.

The event was attended by over forty farmers, and around one hundred and twenty students. Andrew Atkinson agricultural lecturer was pleased with student feedback, who found it a very positive experience as it gave practical perspective to what they had learnt in the classroom.

Jim Pearson from Venture Farm Machinery was also pleased with the event, reporting that “We were busy all day with enquiries”.

As a result of the event Amazone have invited college students to visit their demonstration farm in Doncaster and to participate in a hands on field calibration course.

Due to the success of the day it is intended that this will become an annual event in the College calendar.

For more information about the machinery contact:

Venture Farm Machinery Ltd  T: 01536 520118 www.venturefarmmachinery.co.uk

Jim Pearson – Director                                       Nigel Gardiner - Director

T:07855 434540                                                  T:07949 395159

 jim@venturefarmmachinery.co.uk                  nigel@venturefarmmachinery.co.uk