Dec 15TH

Hiring? Come and meet the next batch of talent before it’s lured elsewhere…

Moulton College introduces the next wave of motivated school-leavers seeking careers in your sector.

On Wednesday 7 March, in association with local schools and Northampton University, the college is hosting a careers fair that will bring together school-leavers (GCSE and A-Level) and employers from across the county, enabling them to meet and discuss employment opportunities that benefit both sides.

The event, which runs during National Apprenticeship Week, covers all industry sectors where Moulton offers apprenticeships and includes both GCSE and A-Level school leavers.  There’s a particular spotlight on degree apprenticeships in engineering and construction, which enable higher education students to earn while they learn and avoid student debt.

Industry keynote speakers will talk about the many highly technical and challenging opportunities in this sector, with students given a real flavour of what to expect through a series of ‘Day in the Life’ workshops.  These will outline the roles and pathways of degree apprenticeships within five different career routes: Commercial Manager, Project Manager, Civil Engineer (construction), Civil Engineer (design) and Construction Site Manager.

Moulton College’s Apprenticeship Programme Leader Georgina  Burton said: “Apprenticeships fill significant skills shortages in many sectors, with the best candidates in huge demand.

“We can keep the talent local and strengthen the area’s skills pool by making sure employers have the chance to take up the most promising students before they’re enticed elsewhere.  Do come and meet them; we’d love to see you on 7 March.”

For more information about this event please call 01604 491131 or email