Dec 15TH

Moulton College bucks national trends with strong apprenticeship growth

Despite a national reduction of 59% in new apprenticeships since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, apprenticeship provision at Moulton College continues to grow across all levels, with significant growth of 20% in higher apprenticeship starts since May 2017.

The college’s apprenticeship team has been working hard to support employers across Northamptonshire and surrounding counties to understand funding reforms and embrace the opportunity these present to help increase the skills they need within their workforce.

Skills shortages are well documented across the areas of specialism covered by Moulton’s apprenticeship offer in construction- and land-based industries, with many employers finding it difficult to recruit individuals with the key skills required.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to bring new skills and talent into a business but they can also present an opportunity to upskill existing employees into supervisory or management roles.  This can be seen by the strong growth in higher apprenticeships at the college, particularly in the  construction management and civil engineering fields.

Ninety seven per cent of apprentices at Moulton College progress into full-time careers on completion of their training, with the majority staying with their apprenticeship employer, often in promoted job roles, showing that the apprenticeship training offered is benefitting both employers and students.

The college has strong links with industry and makes sure its apprenticeship offering is aligned to current and future training needs.  This alignment has led to the recent introduction of new provision supporting the social and rental housing industry from intermediate to higher level, along with an advanced apprenticeship in Town Planning Technical Support in response to a call from the Royal Town Planning Institute to support new entrants into town planning.

Work is underway at Moulton constructing its new Food and Drink Innovation Centre, which will house a contemporary food technology teaching facility, professional kitchens, a large conference room, a sensory room to test products, a professional bakery and even a micro-brewery.  This will enable the introduction of a range of exciting apprenticeships in food and drink from intermediate to degree level.

Gerald Davies, deputy principal at Moulton College, comments: “I think we will see a significant increase in apprenticeships in the Northamptonshire area as companies harness the benefits that employing an apprentice can bring. I think over the next year to two years we will see more employers thinking carefully about how they improve and enhance their workforce.”

However, many employers are still unaware of the apprenticeship levy and how apprenticeships could benefit their businesses.  Moulton College has a team of specialist apprenticeship advisors who are available to support employers exploring the opportunities that apprenticeships can bring, from initial recruitment to successful completion.

Underlining its commitment to local employers, the College has recently appointed an Employer Engagement Development Manager to assist levy-paying employers to look holistically at their needs and to help plan their spend, driving value for money and supporting talent creation.If you would like to discuss any element of apprenticeship training or how to maximise the benefits of your apprenticeship levy, please contact the college apprenticeship team on