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RHS Certificate in the Principles of Plant Growth & Development

RHS Certificate Level 2

Study mode Part time
Location Moulton
Level Level 2
Start date 20 September 2023
Duration 1 year

Our RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture is a theory-based qualifications which explains the scientific and environmental principles, which underpin horticultural practices providing a route to employment in horticulture and a foundation for further learning.

Under the guidance of expert lecturers this theory based course offers greater opportunities for employment, excellent grounding for further skills development but also a valuable qualification for those looking to increase their understanding of horticulture for personal use.

Our Horticulture students have access to an exciting range of specialist resources at the College. You will have the opportunity to see glass house demonstrations and visit our arboretum and science laboratories to support your theoretical learning.

Unit 1 Topics:

Plant Science 1
provides underpinning knowledge of the plant, its structure and function.

Plant Health
provides underpinning knowledge and understanding of the effect of a range of factors on plant health.

Plant Nutrition
provides horticultural knowledge of plant nutrition and growing media.

Plant Specification
provides horticultural knowledge to make recommendations for planting based on matching plant need and site requirements.

Unit 2 Topics:

Plant Science II
provides an understanding of the range and role of plant adaptations.

Planting Styles
provides horticultural knowledge of the factors involved in creating a wide range of different horticultural plantings.

Horticulture and Society
allows learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of horticulture’s contribution to society, including social, environmental and economic.

provides an applied knowledge of the roles of plants in creating habitats to encourage biodiversity.

The total cost for this course is £875 which includes tuition and exam fees.

To secure your place on this course a non-refundable deposit must be paid. For further information including price and how to pay please contact our student services team on 01604 491 131.

You will also require a pen and note pad for taking notes.

This course will take place on Wednesdays, starting at 09:30am and finishing at 3pm.

This course is assessed by two written exams, one exam in February and one in June. To achieve this qualification both unit exams must be completed and achieved.

You will have gained a range of horticultural knowledge relevant to employment in various roles in commercial plant production and the horticultural sector, such as a garden operative in private, public, or botanic gardens or parks and urban green spaces.

Progression onto the RHS level 3 practical and theory courses, which develop skills required in supervisory and management roles in the Horticulture sectors.

No formal qualifications required. Because of the demands of this exam-based course, students must be independent learners with well-developed literacy and study skills. This intensive qualification requires commitment to ensure all aspects are achieved.

This course is a stand-alone qualification, which can be achieved and certified separately. However, it also forms one half of the the Post Sept 2022 RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture.

For more information about the Royal Horticultural Society please visit their website.


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