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Construction Trade Occupations

Diploma Level 1

Study mode Full time
Location Moulton
Level Level 1
Start date Sep 2023
Duration 1 year

If your ambition is to gain a role within the construction industry, this course will set you on the right path. There has never been a better time to join the construction industry as we enter a huge exciting regeneration period for cities, railways and houses.

In the UK, the construction industry employs over two million people and our Level 1 Diploma in Construction Trade Occupations will set you on the right track for your career within the sector. Maintenance Operations students have access to an exciting range of specialist resources at the College.

You will use our unique workshops tailored to carpentry, brickwork and plumbing equipped with state-of-the-art tools and facilities to develop a range of skills in all these areas. Your study will be supplemented with hands-on experience and an extensive enrichment programme including industry visits.

As part of your course you will have the opportunity to undertake commercial experience and apprenticeships in Building Maintenance Operations, where you will learn and develop practical skills that will be vital for your future in maintenance operations.

Guided by our expert lecutrers you will take part in a wide range of trade training that will help you to master the building maintenance industry. Your course will include education in plumbing, bricklaying, and carpentry. These areas will provide you with a firm understanding of the basics of maintenance operations as well as safe handling and storage of construction materials and equipment. During this course you will cover:

  • Laying and finishing Ceramic tiles - You will learn how to cut accurately ceramic tiles safely and fix them in a Bathroom of Kitchen situation. We encourage you to create patterns and use different types of tiles to make the work stand out
  • Creating accurate woodwork - You will learn about the wide selection of tools required for woodwork and use some of the tools of the trade. In this unit we hope you see how working with something as naturally formed as wood can be so rewarding
  • Plastering walls to a smooth finish - You will learn how to prepare a wall and lay a nice smooth finish coat of plaster to a wall. Getting a level and smooth finish to an area is not easy at first but so rewarding when you do it right.
  • Bricklaying and repairing Masonry - You will learn the basic method of laying level Brickwork safely and identify the tools needed for the job. At the end of this unit we would feel comfortable building a small brick wall.
  • Health and Safety in construction - You will learn how keeping safe in your career is the most important part of your working life. Looking after yourself and others while working is so crucial in the industry.
  • Principals of construction - You will learn how all of the basic parts of the home go together and how all the different trades work closely with each other as a team.

Hi-Vis and Work Safety Boots are required to undertake this course. All of our equipment is supplied by Baca.

This is a full time course taking place on three days per week from 9am - 4:30pm. There will be a mix of practical and theoretical work which are split into 1 hour - 1.45 hour lessons. You will have regular breaks including a lunch break.

Vocational and professional qualifications are taught through college based theory and practical lessons with further learning and understanding developed via directed self-study. Assessment consists of internally set coursework and assignments, although some professional and vocational qualifications may require the achievement of externally set assessments.

Students generally progress onto a higher level of Maintenance Operations course, move into a job with training (such as an apprenticeship) or move into full time employment.

GCSE grades at 2-1 or equivalent or an entry Level 3 Diploma in a related subject.

The facilities you'll be using

No other college in the UK can rival the world class facilities we have at Moulton College.

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Bricklaying Workshop

Plumbing Workshop at Higham Campus
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Plumbing Workshops

MC CAD Workshop 003
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CAD Workshop

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Furniture Making Workshop


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