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Contingency Planning for Remote Learning

Curriculum Delivery through Remote Learning

Throughout the autumn term we have been able to safely deliver almost all of our lessons face to face with students on campus. Whilst we remain committed to continuing with this approach the National Lockdown means this is currently not possible and we will follow the guidance set out by the Department for Education.

Therefore, until further notification and changes to National guidance all learning will take place remotely for all students. This includes all students in Further Education (both 16-19 and adult) Higher Education students and apprentices.

All students will be contacted by their Course Managers and receive timetables of lessons that are taking place and the details of how this will be delivered along with access arrangements. In many cases this will be a blend of live lessons and set work. Students will also be notified of the platforms that the lessons will be delivered, such as Microsoft Teams, Google classroom, Century tech or Moodle.


Students will be notified as usual of any upcoming assessments that are taking place. Any changes to assessments due to not being able to attend site where the specialist equipment and resources are required will be communicated to students where this is applicable.

With regards to assessments, the College is still awaiting further guidance from all the relevant awarding bodies of any changes. In the meantime students should continue to attend all their planned lessons, complete all work set and engage with learning to achieve the best possible outcomes. Students will be notified if there is a requirement to attend the College for exams and the College will follow the guidance from the awarding bodies, Department for Education and its own robust risk assessments.

Attendance and Engagement

All students are expected to attend all planned lessons as per their set timetable. The College is monitoring attendance and engagement with the expectations set out by each department. Course Managers and pastoral officers are routinely communicating with students to support them to attend and achieve in their studies.

SEND students will receive regular communication through phone calls and emails along with the lessons that are taking place.

Where students cannot currently access learning materials online, paper copies will be delivered for completion to ensure that the learning of the curriculum continues.

Access Arrangements

The College is committed to supporting all students to attend the online lessons and learning. Where students are having difficulties accessing the lessons or materials due to resources or connectivity issues they should inform their Course Manager.

Where specialist equipment is required for learning and assessments this may require the curriculum to be re-sequenced. Where access to College is required for equipment the College will follow its risk assessments to ensure the safety of all, but, in the vast majority of cases, this will not take place under the current restrictions.

We continue to keep up to date with the latest guidance from the government and we are ready to respond as and when necessary.


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