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Covid-19 Planning Information for Higher Education students

Guidance, help and assistance for prospective and returning Higher Education students

As at September 2020.

The College acknowledges that during the pandemic there was much uncertainty about how your qualification and course would be delivered. Now we have passed the first wave of infection the college has and continues to do everything to ensure you receive the best learning experience in the coming academic year if such situations should arise again.

Moulton College has also worked hard on ensuring that additional support areas you may need are available throughout your study during the present and in the future if a second spike were to manifest itself.

You will find information regarding this in different areas such as our website, from time to time on social media and the student hand books.


The College is planning to deliver its Higher Education Awards from September 2020 as normal, which means the same as it was in September 2019. This means that predominantly the courses will be delivered onsite, with some blended online lectures. As we are asking students to return to College as normal, much work has been done in order to protect the health, safety and well-being of you and your colleagues. For example, all spaces that you will be taught in have undertaken a thorough health and safety risk assessment. This means that aspects such as social distancing measures, hand sanitisers, information in the form of posters about health and safety are placed in areas were you will enter and exit each teaching space.

Were possible we will be operating ‘bubbles’. This is likely to mean that the practical sessions you will be taught will be delivered in groups that will stick together for each practical session until it is safe to mix student groups again, following government guidelines. The timetabling has taken into consideration a 2 metre social distancing rule, where this is the case a two week rotation with alternating face to face asynchronous on line teaching will take place.

Delivery of Awards in the event of a second spike involving regional or national shut down

If a local spike occurs and the Government guidance is to lock down the campus, a range of measures are already in place to ensure that your course will continue to be taught.

In this event delivery of your award will move to 100% online. A timetable has been produced where practical assessments will be moved to a later date. Modules that contain fields trips and outings will have the theory delivered first and the trips are scheduled to be delivered later in the year. Where possible we will offer virtual trips to zoos/aquariums where these are closed or restricted.

Our work placement modules are designed to include remote working, these modules again have been timetabled to run in the last term to avoid as much disruption as possible.

Our commitment to you

If there are any areas where its extremely difficult to create the right working environment for you, we will support and help you to create the best possible working home environment with the correct hardware and software.

As well as this we will support you to succeed, by helping you stay on track through personal tutorials and student learning support. You will continue to have remote access to the learning resources within the Library as well as your Moodle pages. If you require academic writing and numeracy skills, we can offer these online.

We will also support your health and well-being with virtual drop in centres that can accessed by appointment.

Teaching and learning

Course Content

The content of the course will remain the same as previous years. This means that the modules within the course structure will remain the same and that you will complete 120 credits per year. As stated above there may be a difference in how these modules are delivered e.g. they may move towards more of an online delivery method. Further details of how this will work will be in your handbook.

The length and duration of the course will remain the same as previous years. Therefore you will study 35 weeks teaching.

The Course costs will remain the same as previous years. For further detail please use this link.

Assessments throughout your course will remain in place and be offered throughout the year to avoid any bunching. Further detail of this will be in your hand books.

Our blended learning approach through student centred learning includes traditional teaching and learning, and a combination of online lessons and practical sessions and tutorials. We have broken down the teaching into these sections:

  • Active learning
    • These sessions are the normal timetabled lecturers or seminars, lead by your lecturer online.
  • Flexible learning
    • A range of online resources that are linked to your timetable will be made available to you on your Moodle pages, you can access these in a flexible way that suits you.
  • Group Learning
    • You will have group online lessons that enable you to share and develop ideas which is critical to your understanding and development.
  • Independent Learning.
    • Using the resources of the three sections above this is your time to gather your thoughts, read, research, focus on your argument’s ready to discuss at your next group learning session or maybe active learning session. You maybe asked to complete set exercises that are based on your research.

All this information will be explained to you and placed on your Moodle site.

We will also publish this information using these areas listed below:

  • Prospectus and detailed information on life at the institution
  • Open days, offer-holder days and campus tours
  • Talks in schools on topics including student finance, university life and personal statements
  • Attendance at careers and higher education fairs
  • Internal Pre-entry careers advice
  • Online and telephone information and advice
  • Offer Bespoke support to particular groups

The Office for Students has set up a Corona Virus Hub with more information for students in relation to support, help and guidance which can be accessed here:


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