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Student Guidance for Remote Learning

All of your tutors are working hard to ensure that no student is disadvantaged by the requirement to switch learning to online, either due to a local or national lockdown situation or as a result of needing to self-isolate.

To ensure that you learn in the most effective and safest way possible we ask that you follow the guidance below on whichever digital platform you have been directed to use by your tutors.

Lesson protocols

  • Please sign in to all lessons that you have been asked to by your tutor on time.
  • Please use your student accounts to access lesson and not personal emails/accounts
  • Please only share your screen when invited to do so by the tutor.
  • Please keep your microphones muted to avoid any background noise unless directed to by the tutor.
  • Should you require to speak please raise your hand (if the platform allows) or use the chat box should the platform have it.
  • If you have cameras on, please ensure that where possible you can change or blur your background.
  • Please dress appropriately for lessons and be prepared with the required equipment (eg. pens, paper etc…)
  • During periods where you are working (live lessons, tasks, assignments etc…) please ensure that you minimise distractions such as the tv, mobile phones, video games etc…
  • Follow the student code of conduct as you would do in classroom lessons, behaviour and engagement in remote learning is monitored by the tutor and course managers along with Heads of School and leaders with both the disciplinary and commendations processes are operating as normal.
  • Lessons will be recorded.
  • Please do not share the invitation to the lesson to anyone.


  • Please use the functions in the platforms you use to communicate with staff and other students for work/study related purposes and support in a professional manner.
  • Staff will respond to student chat functions in lessons or after but be reminded that that the chat function moves quickly in lessons so please be patient.
  • Please be aware that staff teach other groups and have allocated hours of teaching, so may not respond immediately to emails, particularly if it is out of ‘normal hours.’
  • Think before you type anything, online lessons create a digital footprint.
If you are having any difficulty accessing remote learning, either due to not having access to a laptop or insufficient data, please contact your Course Manager as soon as possible so that we can help you.

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21st June 2021