Quality & Standards

At Moulton College, we value the transparency of our processes, an approach designed to help us govern quality assurance and enhancement at all times.

As a provider of Higher Education, Moulton College undergoes a number of external review processes that assist in safeguarding public interest in sound standards of Higher Education qualifications. Such processes also help us to work towards continuous improvement in the management quality and the provision and delivery of our Higher Education programmes.

Organisations responsible for carrying out external reviews within the Institute include:

  • The National Student Survey
  • University of Northampton
  • Pearson

Higher Education Quality Handbook

The Higher Education Quality handbook is a collection of documents and acts as a central referral point for staff, employers, partner organisations and prospective or current students to access if further information is required regarding a range of Higher Education issues.

These documents are designed to give you an insight into the Codes of Practice, regulations, policies and guidelines that exist at Moulton College for all matters relating to Higher Education. Higher Education relates to programmes of Level 4 or above such as HE Certificates, Higher Nationals, Foundation Degrees, Honours Degrees and Post Graduate awards.

Section A Academic Quality Governance

Section A1 Academic Quality Governance
Section A2 Academic Board Terms of Reference
Section A3 Academic Standards and Quality Committee Remit
Section A4 Learning Teaching Enhancement Committee Remit
Section A5 Employer Engagement & Marketing Group Remit

Section B Course Design, Management & Enhancement

Section B1 Course Development Policy
Section B2 Course monitoring Code of Practice
Section B3 Course Committees Code of Practice
Section B4 Periodic Subject Review Process
Section B5 Higher Education Admissions Policy
Section B6 Assessment Principles

Section D Regulations

Section D1 University of Northampton Academic Regulation
Section D2 Higher Nationals Coursework Policy July 2017
Section D3 BTEC-Centre-Guide-to-Assessment-L4-7
Section D4 Pearson Assessment Board Regulations July 17
Section D5 Moulton College HE Complaints Policy

Section E Public Information

Section E1 Threshold Standard for HE Course and Module Information

Section F Ethical Approval

Section F1 Ethics Principles for Research Involving Human Participation
Section F2 Research on Moulton College Commercial Facilities
Section F3 Moulton College Ethical Approval Form May 2017

OIA Annual Statements