The Plumbing curriculum area includes well equipped workshops that are constantly improved to cater for the requirements of trainees and their courses of study. Besides resources for bench work, the workshops have assessment and practice bays for the installation of radiators, cloakrooms and bathrooms. The curriculum area has a Gas Assessment Centre and a Renewable Technologies Centre where students can do gas and environmental technologies qualifications as part of the Level 3 course. The resources are designed to ensure that students get a realistic experience where they are required to work to an industrial standard. A number of online resources are available which complement the teaching and learning. Students can access these resources while at College or from home. Students are encouraged to participate in the plumbing competitions.

Plumbing Courses

Course Title Type Location Start Date End Date
Basic Home Maintenance (Plumbing) Part Time Moulton 6th May 2020 24th Jun 2020 Apply

Day(s) / Time: Monday and Wednesday
6.00pm - 9.00pm

Course: BC99

Fees GuidanceCategory 1
Tuition Fees£299.00