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Martha, BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Studies

Martha, who graduated in 2020 tells us how she came to study at Moulton and the ins and outs of Applied Animal Studies!

"I’ve always liked animals – my family home is full of pets, so it’s all I’ve grown up to know! My primary interest is in conservation, and I’m eager to preserve the planet’s most fragile ecosystems for future generations (of animals, and humans!) to enjoy.

Being at Moulton and studying this course has been an incredible experience, and I’m glad I made the decision to enrol. I thoroughly enjoyed progressing through each year - the course itself becomes more and more interesting and often more philosophical as we discuss and tackle wider concepts such as animal ethics and issues surrounding conservation, for example the role of zoos in this ever-growing problem.

Originally I didn’t want to come to university, but the unique offering at Moulton made my decision to study here pretty easy. During my time at Moulton I learnt a lot from the excellent lecturers and gained an unexpected passion for ecology. I would recommend anyone interested in pursuing a career in conservation and/or animal care to enrol on a course at Moulton College. You’ll get out of it, a lot more than you might think.

Thanks to my time at Moulton I have gained confidence in myself and am hoping to apply for a Masters Degree in Conservation Biodiversity/Ecology."