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Meet Megan, BSc (Hons) Equine Performance and Therapies

Megan graduated in 2019, and tells us how her childhood growing up with horses helped to inspire her to learn more about these fascinating creatures!

"I knew that driving horses was my passion and felt compelled to pursue a course that supported my goals. Ultimately, I’d like to specialise in equine and canine therapies, and to progress onto the next step I knew I needed a BSc (Hons) qualification. Moulton felt like the perfect choice as I wanted a high standard bachelors degree to set me in good stead for my future. As it happens, the BSc (Hons) I will complete has helped me gain a place on a Masters Degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy. I’ve been around horses ever since I was little and I’m fascinated by the science behind competition and performance in horses – something I could further explore at College. The facilities at Moulton are fantastic – I particularly enjoyed spending time in the Hydrotherapy Centre. I’m pleased I chose to study here and I’m excited to bring my newfound skills into my Masters.