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Meet Natasha, BSc (Hons) Applied Zoology

Natasha, who graduated in 2019 tells us why studying at Moulton was so appealing...

“As someone who is passionate about ecology and conservation, studying this course at Moulton was an easy decision to make. I knew early on that the hands-on opportunities would fit with my learning style, and it helped that the scenery on campus was so beautiful!
The stream that runs through the College estate provides the perfect opportunity for ecological fieldwork, and we made good use of that during my time at Moulton. There’s also the excellent lab facilities, and of course, the wonderful Animal Welfare Centre that provides the practical experience that makes Moulton stand out when looking for degree courses.”

Natasha has since successfully completed her MSc degree in Palaeobiology at the University of Bristol. Her MSc thesis topic covered the use of phylogenetic models to investigate the ecological correlates of conspicuous colouration in mammals. Natasha is now working on her doctorate.