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Pat - Equine student

Meet Patrycja, BSc (Hons) Equine Performance and Therapies

Patrycja tells us how her life plans took an unexpected turn after receiving an exciting offer from Moulton to study a higher education degree...

"After finishing my Level 3 Horse Management qualification I wanted to take a gap year to work and explore the equine industry but after receiving an offer from Moulton, I decided to start the same year. I’ve always loved animals, and when I began volunteering at my riding school I thought what better way to link my passion of helping animals and my love for horses together!
Over my first two years there’s been a lot of new things to take in. All lecturers try and put all the knowledge we get taught within the classroom into practical sessions so we are able to get hands-on experience. This is one thing I enjoy the most; the ability to put the knowledge we get taught into practice and use these skills on the amazing horses we have at Moulton!
Over the last two years we’ve had many discussions with our tutors on how we’d be able to use our knowledge in industry and help us reach our whole potential. For example, if a given module is more specific to what we are interested in they are willing to spend more time with us either going over extra material or giving us more things to read about which will be very useful in the future. They also try and organise field trips that are relevant to one or more modules which gives us an inside perspective of what the equine industry looks like.
I would definitely recommend studying at Moulton! Everyone is really friendly and welcoming which makes everything better. I’ve met several people that I know I’ll be keeping in touch for many years to come! And if there’s a possibility for anyone to live in it’s another bonus to get the full university experience!
As of now there are many possible options as to what I’d like to do after graduating. Either carrying on my education and going on and doing a masters or taking a huge step into the unknown world and learning about the industry within other counties! It’s a big unknown journey that only time will tell which path I’ll take. But until then I’ll definitely be enjoying my final year at Moulton with amazing people and lectures!"

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3rd June 2023