Taster Days

Deciding what to do after school can be difficult when you don’t know exactly what a course might entail or what the career opportunities may be afterwards.

Our Taster Days are designed to give you the opportunity to become a student for a day and experience both the course they wish to do and life at Moulton College.

Our next Taster Day is on Monday 17th February 2020, from 9.30am - 12.30pm. 

What happens on a Taster day?

Subject Area

What happens?



Our sport taster day is designed around the skills and techniques needed to be a successful coach. Put your creative power to the test in our theory session designing a new sport. Followed by a practical session which will involve coaching and practicing how this new sport works within a real-world context, showcasing your new coaching skills.

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Food & Drink

Held in our new Food and Drink Innovation Centre at our food & drink taster day you will create cupcakes in our bakery. You will have the opportunity to work on your cake decorating skills with our fourth generation baker and lecturer. This is a great opportunity to experience our facilities and state of the art equipment.

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Animal Welfare

Our Animal Welfare taster day gives you an overview of all of the species we have had our animal welfare centre. This bespoke taster day designed by our expert lecturers introduces you to a range of animal care methods through a practical and theory session.

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Construction Management

At our construction management taster you will be given an insight into how the construction industry operates at different levels with our expert lecturers. You will look at different types of building before getting hands on and use some of our high end surveying equipment.

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Take on a craft that has been used for years at our bricklaying taster day. Learn the core brick laying techniques in our brick workshop and develop understanding of this crucial trade with our expertly trained staff.

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Buildings Maintenance Operations

Keen to develop your skills in a number of different trades? Our maintenance operations taster day will give you an insight into the different trades that are available in the construction area from carpentry, brickwork or plumbing. Taught by our knowledgeable lecturers this is a fun and practical day.

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Carpentry & Joinery

Our carpentry taster day takes place in our state-of-the-art workshop taught by our expert lecturers. Over the course of the day you will learn the fundamentals of carpentry as a trade and the tools involved before having a go! You will learn how to do a basic joint using the tools safely.

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Furniture Studies

In our furniture taster day you will be introduce to the basic furniture tools so you can develop your practical skills working with wood under the guidance of our highly trained staff.  In our furniture workshop you will be taught how to create a joint using the tools safely.

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Plumbing, Heating &
Renewable Technologies

Interested in domestic or industrial plumbing, gas servicing and installations or solar thermal installations? Take part in our plumbing, heating and renewable technologies taster day designed by our expert lecturers around the key elements of plumbing. On the day you are given the chance to solder and bend different types of pipe in our well-equipped workshops with practice bays.

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The art of stonemasonry has existed for centuries to produce many architectural wonders! This is your opportunity to give it a go under the guidance of our expert lecturers. Our taster day is held in our bespoke stonemasonry workshop where you will get the feel for how you will work with stone and the tools involved.

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Get the chance to learn from our specialist lecturers at our floristry taster day. Hosted in our dedicated floristry studios, experience our high level facilities with cold storage, display and photography areas.

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Are you fascinated about plant and crop cultivation, livestock care and farm management? This is the taster day for you! Led by our experienced lecturers you will have the opportunity to take part in a fun practical session as well as view our expansive grounds and our livestock.

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Countryside Management

Boost your knowledge of conservation ecology and estate management with our countryside management taster day. Our experienced lecturers will take you through theory and practical sessions to give you a feel of what it’s like as a countryside management student!

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Our horticulture taster day will give you a taste of how you could shape the environment through horticulture. With practicals such as plant identification and theory sessions this is the perfect introduction to our horticulture courses.

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At our arboriculture taster you will be given an insight into how the construction industry operates at different levels with our expert lecturers. You will be taken through theory and practical session all at our extensive college estate, including over 660 hectares of land including woodlands, large specimen trees and ornamental shrubs.

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Whether you have never ridden before or are an experiences rider, our equine taster day has been designed by our expert lecturers for students of all abilities. Starting with a theory lesson in our classroom, students will then be given a chance to meet our wonderful college horses and their characters, becoming comfortable with them in their stables.

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