Feb 7TH

Profile - Edward Vipond former Moulton College Student 1991/93

There was little doubt where I was going to agricultural college, with both Grandfather and Father attending Moulton my mind was made up and I duly completed the ANCA and NDA courses at Moulton during 1991-1993. Having moved to Scotland prior to my attendance at Moulton I was lucky enough to be a resident and enjoyed the college life seven days a week. Following Moulton I studied at Aberdeen Scottish Agricultural College and completed their F.B.O.M post graduate study to complete my further education.

I then joined Velcourt and after several moves up and down the country was promoted to Farm Manager in Lincolnshire growing vegetable and combinable crops on a 440 hectare unit. A fast track of career progression and relocation then occurred managing farms in Kent and returning to Lincolnshire to manage a 1,500 hectare unit spanning fifty miles. During my time with Velcourt I was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship to investigate the use of ‘Precison Farming’ techniques in modern agriculture travelling to Northern America, Australia and Europe to complete the study.

From Velcourt I moved to managing the Northwick Estate in Gloucestershire, a diverse estate with residential, in hand and contract farming responsibilities, renewable energy diversification, a large private shoot and extensive woodlands. The estate is managed alongside other estates in Scotland with the land area in excess of 8,000 hectares.