Higham Ferrers Campus

This purpose-built centre, extended during the past three years, offers courses in construction (brickwork, carpentry, plumbing) and animal management.

Facilities include fully equipped teaching workshops and classrooms, learning resource centre, horticultural unit and landscaped areas, catering and recreation facilities and an animal welfare centre that houses a range of species relevant to the academy’s animal management courses.

A number of business incubator units can also be found on site, which are subsidised offices and workshops for new businesses, who can also access the college’s marketing, management and administrative resources.

Courses we currently offer in Higham Ferrers (click for details):
Diploma Level 1 Bricklaying
Diploma Level 2 Bricklaying
Diploma Level 1 Site Carpentry
Diploma Level 2 Site Carpentry
Diploma Level 1 Plumbing

Diploma Level 2 Plumbing
Diploma Level 2 Animal Care
Extended Diploma Level 3 Animal Management

To help students from east Northamptonshire, Northampton town and parts of Bedfordshire travel to the academy, we also offer students an extensive transport network.

Higham Ferrers

Higham Ferrers Campus
Chelveston Rd

Higham Ferrers
NN10 8HN

+44(0) 1933 354060