Exam Dates

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National Exam Dates 2019

Exam Date Start Time Unit Exam Title
29 April 9.30am 20077K Unit 3: Tendering andEstimating (12h)
7 May 9.30am 31646H Unit 3: Animal Welfare And Ethics (3h)
7 May 1.00pm 31525H Unit 2: Fitness Training And Programming For Health Sport And Well-Being (2h 30m)
8 May 9.30am 31815H Unit 3: Applied Sport And Exercise Psychology (3h)
13 May 9.30am 31644H Unit 1: Animal Breeding and Genetics (2h)
13 May 9.30am 20076K Unit 2: ConstructionDesign (12h)
14 May 9.30am 31542H Unit 19: Development AndProvision Of Sport And Physical Activity (2h 30m)
15 May 9.30am 31824H Unit 13: Nutrition ForSport And Exercise Performance (3h)
16 May 9.30am 21405J Unit 22: InvestigatingBusiness In Sport And The Active Leisure Industry (3h)
21 May 9.30am 1MA0 1 Mathematics Paper 1: Non-Calculator Foundation Tier (1h 30m)
21 May 9.30am 31524H Unit 1: Anatomy AndPhysiology (1h 30m)
3 June 9.30am 31645H Unit 2: Animal Biology(1h 30m)
4 June 9.30am C700QS 1 English Language Component1 (1h 45m)
6 June 9.30am 1MA0 2 Mathematics Paper 2: Calculator Foundation Tier (1h 30m)
7 June 9.30am C700QS 2 English Language Component2 (2h)
11 June 9.30am 1MA0 3 Mathematics Paper 3: Calculator Foundation Tier (1h 30m)
11 June 9.30am 31813H Unit 1: Sport AndExercise Physiology (1h 30m)
12 June 1.00pm 20075K Unit 1: ConstructionPrinciples (1h 30m)
14 June 9.30am 31814H Unit 2: FunctionalAnatomy (1h 30m)