Sheep Unit

Based at Lodge Farm, our Sheep Unit aims to demonstrate high levels of commercial management and animal welfare, with student participation a key component of husbandry management.

The enterprise consists of 750 North Country Mule ewes and 150 Lleyn breeding ewes, plus 2 Charollais, 6 Suffolk, 5 Meatlinc and 6 Texel rams selected according to EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) performance traits. Lambs are reared for fat and sold off the grass from June onwards, and those remaining after October are moved onto stubble turnips for finishing.

Sheep are rotationally grazed over 90 ha of new grass leys and permanent pasture plus forage aftermaths.  Lambs are either sold live at market, to an abattoir on a dead weight basis or as stores depending upon market conditions.