Moulton College Careers Guidance

All Moulton College courses are vocational and provide learners with access to industry standard facilities. A wide range of activities are embedded into courses and tutorials to ensure our learners become work-ready. These can include:
  • External work experience placements
  • In-house work placements in College commercial businesses
  • Visiting speakers from industry
  • Workplace visits
  • Trade show visits
  • Entry into regional and national level skills competitions
  • Careers fairs
  • Additional industry relevant qualifications
  • Volunteer projects in the local community
  • Commercial projects with local organisations
  • Maths and English qualifications
Initial advice and guidance is provided to prospective learners at open days and taster days. Tutors who have extensive industry knowledge and vocational experience interview applicants. The College employs a Young Person’s Engagement Officer to work with local schools.The College prospectus gives information on career routes for prospective learners and their parents.
Employer engagement is a key component of curriculum planning. Curriculum areas host employer forums and maintain working links with SEMLEP.
All learners are required to complete a Careers Action Plan as part of their academic tutorial programme. Under 18 year old resident learners have a termly review meeting with the resident team, this includes career planning. Learners who are Looked After Children receive careers and employability support via the Virtual Schools contract with Prospects.
The Careers Officer books 1:1 appointments with individual learners on request or on referral by tutors. The Careers Officer works closely with course tutors to deliver employability and career planning tutorials.
The Learning Resource Centres provide a print and online careers library and access to online careers information via eCLIPS. The libraries stock a range of trade journals that give learners access to industry news and job vacancies.
The Careers Officer maintains a Moodle page giving learners access to good quality information about job roles and labour markets. There are physical and virtual jobs boards in the LRCs and on Moodle, these are kept up-to-date with live local vacancies.
The College is working towards achieving all eight of the Gatsby Benchmarks for further education. 
The quality of the College careers and employability offer is measured in a number of ways:
  • Learner feedback 
  • Employer feedback
  • Ofsted inspection
  • Destination data
The College Careers Lead is Jo Aynsworth, 
01604 491131
ext: 2018