Finance Terms and Conditions

1 Payment of fees: due date

Tuition fees become due on the first day of your programme of study.

Accommodation fees become due when you arrive to take up your place in College accommodation.

2 Payment by instalments: Tuition Fees

If you are paying your tuition fees direct to the College, you may pay the full amount in a single payment or you may make up to six monthly instalment payments but all fees must be settled by the end of June of that academic year.

The preferred method of payment is via the College's online payments system by credit/debit card or PayPal, although cheques, direct debits, bank drafts and bank transfers will also be accepted.

3 Payment by instalments: Accommodation Fees

You may choose to pay accommodation fees in full or on a termly basis. Payment may be made online (the preferred method), by credit/debit card or PayPal, or by cheque, direct debit, bank draft or bank transfer.

4 Payment by a third party

If your fees are to be paid by the Student Loans Company or by a sponsor such as an Employer, please ensure that all information is available to enable the appropriate invoices to be raised and for your sponsor to make payment on your behalf.

It is your personal responsibility to ensure that your fees are paid.

5 Late payment of tuition or accommodation fees

If you become aware that your payment will be late, you must contact the Finance Office to explain the position. If you are in genuine difficulty with payment, an authorised member of the Finance Office will try to agree a plan of payment with you that you can afford.

If you fail to submit a payment plan or if your payment plan method fails, you will be contacted and asked to make immediate payment by another method. If this payment method also fails, you will normally be charged an administration fee.

If you fail to provide the College with a satisfactory response in the circumstances described above you will be sent a formal letter requesting that you contact the Finance Office. Your Lecturer / Faculty Office will also be notified.

If you are unable to provide an acceptable payment plan, the College reserves the right to terminate your studies in the case of unpaid tuition fees or to require you to leave your accommodation in the case of unpaid accommodation fees. The College will then put any debt outstanding in the hands of a debt collector. Any additional costs incurred will be added to your account.

Students who continue to be in debt to the College at the end of the academic year will not be permitted to register for the following year of their programme until either the debt has been cleared or specific arrangements have been agreed with the Finance Manager for settlement of the debt.

Members of the Student Registry Office can provide advice on additional funding that may be available to assist you.

6 Difficulty with payment

If you are experiencing difficulties in paying fees you should seek help at the earliest possible opportunity. Initially you should approach staff in the Student Registry Office. They will be able to provide information about any additional funding that may be available. It is important to keep the Finance Office informed of developments (see above). The College will be sympathetic and assist where it can. However, in order to maintain the quality of teaching for everyone else, the College must act to recover debts.

7 Payment of interest or administrative charges

You will become liable to pay interest at 3.0% above UK clearing bank base rate on the amount outstanding where payments are outstanding against your payment plan. Interest will run from the due date to the date when the fees are paid.

The Finance Office will review the student related debt ledger throughout the year and apply interest on a consistent basis annually.

8 Reinstatement on payment of full tuition fees

If you have been required to leave the College for non-payment of tuition fees, registration on your programme of study may be reinstated on payment in full of outstanding tuition fees before the end of the academic year in question. However, if you are consequently behind with your studies, you may have to repeat parts of the programme, thereby incurring further fees.

9 Early withdrawal or suspension of study

Withdrawal policy

To formally withdraw from a course or suspend your studies you must:

  • Inform your Student Administration Team in writing
  • Complete a ‘Withdrawal Notification’ form

If you leave a course without notifying your Student Administration Team, you will be charged the full yearly tuition fee. Fees will be calculated from the date that your Student Administration Team receives your written notification.

Home and EU students (new and continuing)

Full-time undergraduate courses

Withdrawal dates and fee charges:

  • Before 13 October 2014 – No fee will be charged
  • 13 October 2014 to 11 January 2015 – 25% of the annual fee will be charged
  • 12 January 2015 to 19 April 2015 – 50% of the annual fee be charged
  • 20 April 2015 onwards – 100% of the annual fee will be charged

If you have a tuition fee loan, the College will contact the Student Loan Company to confirm your withdrawal date and any tuition fee reduction.

If you are responsible for paying your own tuition fees and an overpayment has been made, you can apply in writing for a refund from the Finance Office. If you have paid less than the recalculated fee, you must pay the outstanding amount.

Part-time undergraduate and full and part-time postgraduate courses

If you withdraw or suspend your studies once a term has started, you must pay the full fee for that term.

International students

Taught full-time undergraduate and postgraduate

International students must speak to the Student Support Team. You will have paid a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your tuition fees to obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter. If an overpayment has been made relating to the remaining 50% of fees, a refund can be issued to the person who made the original payment.

Withdrawal dates and fee charges:

  1. Before 11 January 2015 – 50% of the annual fee will be charged
  2. 12 January 2015 to 19 April 2015 – Two thirds of the annual fee will be charged
  3. 20 April 2015 onwards – 100% of the annual fee will be charged

10 Other important information

  • Students with debts relating to tuition or accommodation fees, to library or disciplinary fines, or any other outstanding debts to the College, may be required to attend an interview with a member of the Finance Team to discuss these debts and make specific arrangements for their settlement.
  • Students with debts outstanding at the close of business on the last day of the College summer term will not be permitted to graduate in the summer ceremony.
  • A certificate will not be provided to any student who has fees outstanding.

11 Appeal process

If you are unhappy about any matter relating to fees or payments you should in the first instance contact your Course Tutor / Manager. If the matter remains unresolved, you may bring a complaint under the College's Student Complaints Procedure.