College Transport Guidance

The detailed routes for the 2017/18 academic year will be available shortly.

Getting Access to College Transport

  1. College Transport is subject to a formal application form / signed agreement and payment so doing this is the first stage.
  2. Application forms will be sent to all students in July 2017 for September 2017 starts, applicants after this date can still get application forms from Transport Services. 
  3. Allocation of places is undertaken on first come first served basis and takes place at the end of August 2017.
  4. A temporary pass will be posted direct to you no later than week commencing Monday 4th September 2017 showing details of pick-up points and times of departure.
  5. Full Autumn Term Bus Pass will be available for collection after your induction from the Registry Building or via the post for Skills Academy students.
  6. If you have not received your pass by Thursday 7th September 2017, please contact Transport Services. You will not be permitted to travel without a Valid Bus Pass unless it is by prior arrangement with Transport Services.
  7. At the end of each term you will need to collect a new pass for the start of the following term.

If a driver has any suspicion that these rules are broken during a journey, he will make his way to the nearest police station and the culprits will be removed from the bus.

Transport Do's Transport Don'ts
Students need to be at the pick up point at least 5 minutes before the stated time Students bringing pets need permission from Transport at least 24 hours before their journey this is at the coach companies discretion
Should the bus be late for any reason, students are asked to wait 30 minutes before calling Transport Services  No smoking, drinking or carrying alcohol or weapons at any time
Wear seatbelts at all times if they are provided Wilfully damage vehicles or their contents or interfere with anything that may compromise the health and safety of the vehicle or others.
Behave in a reasonable manner particularly towards others at all times

Carry Knives and other sharp objects unless required for curriculum based activity.  

When carried these are required to be kept secure and covered up in a suitable bag/ holder at all times

Report unacceptable behaviour/ bullying to the Transport Manager in writing. Your complaint will be dealt with sympathetically and in the strictest confidence  
Be on time for the buses which leave from the Holcot site at exactly 4:50 pm  
Inform your tutor of your intention to travel in Study Weeks at least ten days before as transport is not provided as standard for these weeks  

Student Declaration  - Click Here

If you miss the bus because of your own actions, it is your own responsibility to get home. Students going on visits / sports fixtures, who use College transport, must make their lecturer aware in advance. If a student arrives back at the College after 4:50 pm, because of a delay on the visit, the member of staff accompanying the visit will make arrangements to get students home.

Northampton County Council (NCC) Post 16 Education Transport Policy:

Moulton College works in partnership with NCC to provide a comprehensive network of Coaches, Mini - buses and in assessed and agreed cases taxi’s. Whilst the College does not have a legal responsibility for transporting students to College, we do try to operate a bus network from most parts of the County and beyond to help students access the College’s courses wherever possible.  The service by its nature is operated for the benefit of the majority and is heavily subsidised by the College in order to make the service available.

For those students who do not wish to take advantage of the network, the NCC policy and other support options can be researched via this link

Financial Support / Bursary Awards

Moulton College is aware that transport is a major cost of attending college and is able to support this cost through the:

  1. NCC transport support – in agreement with NCC we are able to identify through the Financial Support Application Form and admissions details those families who meet the following criteria which allows for a payment towards the transport fee by NCC of :
    1. 50% for those meeting the Low Income Criteria:
      1. Reside within the administrative boundary of Northamptonshire
      2. Reside more than 3 miles from their nearest suitable educational establishment or training provider; and
      3. Have parents/legal guardian (or who are themselves) in receipt of one of the following benefits: 
      • Income support;
      • Income based Jobseekers Allowance; 
      • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999; 
      • Child Tax Credit, provided they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income as assessed by the Inland Revenue that does not exceed £16,190
      • Guaranteed element of state pension credit 
      • Receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit  
    2. 100% for those meeting both the low income criteria above and the student having a current Learning Difficulty Assessment or SEN 139a Statement
  2. The 16-19 Bursary Fund and 19+ Discretionary Learner Support Fund managed by the College on behalf of the Government. This is open to both in county and out of county students. 

Both options require the completion of the Colleges Financial Support Application Form and Transport Application form which will be sent direct to all the students over the summer and submission of the requested evidence. Forms are also available via Registry Services.

Out of County Students

For those students living outside of the county that do not wish to live on site in our residential facilities financial support information for transport from your Local Authority can be obtained as below: 

Any students who live outside Northants County Council catchment area need to contact their Local Educational Authority 
Bedford Borough Council Tel: (01234) 718004
Central Bedfordshire Council Tel: (0300) 3008133
Leicester County Council Tel: (0116) 3058120