General Education and Supported Learning

General Education and Supported Learning Facilities


The food studies area benefits from the use of two purpose built fully equipped kitchens. Each kitchen has a number of individual work stations to allow learners to work as independently as possible. Both kitchens have fully accessible adjustable height worktops for learners with physical disabilities. 

Equine Therapy @ Moulton College

Based on site at our Equestrian Centre, the Equine Veterinary Practice and Equine Therapy Centre includes an operating theatre with viewing area that allows students to watch surgery taking place on horses.

Meanwhile, a hydrotherapy pool and water treadmill offer students the chance to experience the latest techniques for training and rehabilitating horses in a hands-on manner.

The therapy centre is accredited by the British Horseracing Board as a training facility.


The college campus and estate includes a range of landscaped areas, specialist gardens and extensive lawns, all appropriately stocked to meet course needs and including annual bedding, herbaceous plants, shrubs and conifers.

Our 2.5-hectare arboretum, planted over the past 15 years, provides a range of interesting and unusual specimen trees that complement the existing mature trees already found on the estate.

Extensive glass houses are used for practical activities such as propagation and production of plants; the 4-hectare plant nursery uses polythene tunnels to produce bedding, herbaceous and potted plants; demonstration areas are available; and our on-site garden centre sells stock produced by students alongside bought-in plants, tools and equipment.

Horticulture students also become involved in maintaining our ten hectares of sports fields, including a golf green, and football and rugby pitches.

Independent Living Facilities

Our Supported Learning courses, based at Pitsford, provide a suitable programme of study and support for entry-level students and learners with learning difficulties and disabilities. Students work towards Preparing for Adulthood and build a portfolio of work on an array of life skill topics.

The courses utilise a wide range of the college’s facilities, including the estate, animal welfare unit, equestrian centre, sports facilities, construction workshops and horticultural facilities such as the allotments and potting sheds.

Students also make use of our well-resourced independent living area, two fully equipped kitchens and dedicated high quality teaching and learning rooms.

Outdoor Unit

The expanding outdoor unit holds goats, wallabies, alpacas, llama, Kune Kune pigs and rhea. The Kune Kune pigs are a rare breed from New Zealand and provide handling and student interaction, as they love the company of people. The llama, at over 6ft tall encourages students to respect large animals and overcome their fear of those which are more intimidating. The South American rhea, related to the ostrich, reaches 5ft tall and along with the Bennetts wallabies provide further exotic species for students to work with. We have a number of different goat breeds which helps to illustrate the difference between those used for fibre, milk and food production.

Quiet Room

The General Education quiet room allows learners some space away from others when they need to calm down when agitated. It is specifically designed to provide a space for relaxation and reflection, equipped with sensory lighting and soft furniture. 


All classrooms at the college are fitted out with modern and specialist equipment related to the area of study. They are also regularly upgraded to ensure they remain state of the art and provide inspirational places to learn and grow your knowledge.