Student Profiles - John Gibbs

John Gibbs

John Gibbs

Diploma Level 2 Site Carpentry

John joined the Level 1 Diploma course in Carpentry and Joinery in September 2009 as a mature student. He had enjoyed a career as a mechanical engineer for some 17 years before branching out on his own as a self-employed dry liner five years ago.

Unfortunately due to the downturn in the construction industry John's business folded. After looking around for a year he decided that his best course of action was to study for a new career and chose Moulton College as the best possible way of going forward.

Although John left school with no formal qualifications he enjoyed getting back into learning mode alongside students that are only as old as his own son. He has achieved the Level 1 Diploma with flying colours and has now progressed onto the Level 2 course.

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