Student Profiles - Jon Holland

Jon Holland

Jon Holland

National Diploma Interior Design

"I decided to come to Moulton College because I wanted a change fromschool. I decided very late not to carry on with the sixth form, after one year,so was glad to gain a place on the National Diploma Interior Design course.My ambition is to go to University and study design. Moulton College offered me exactly the course I wanted. The course is very good, it offers everything Iwas looking to do, and it includes a wide range of practical techniques, whichallows you to choose the direction you would like to go when you designthings. We never do the same thing and the course allows you to exploreyour ideas and experiment. There is lots of space to work and the people onthe course are really nice.

The tutors on the course are very kind and helpful. Also I am able to play Hockey for the College team, as there are really good facilities with high quality pitches here."

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