Student Profiles - Kiera Slaven

Kiera Slaven

Kiera Slaven

In pursuit of her dream of working in the design industry, Keira will soon embark on the second year of the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design (Interior Design) and says that the course is proving to be the perfect platform for this.

“This is a really enjoyable course and it allows you the opportunity to learn and develop skills within the design area in a lot of different ways because lecturers are all very experienced in their own area of design. I have been able to develop my skills and learn a lot of new ones, especially how to work in a commercial workplace as a lot of the projects we are set involve real clients. This commercial experience has been very useful and I have learnt a great deal from it,” she explained.

Although Kiera is currently unsure of whether to stay in education or look for employment when she completes her diploma, she feels that whatever option she chooses her time at Moulton will prove to be her perfect design for life.

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