Student Profiles - Jenna Harte

Jenna Harte

Jenna Harte

Jenna joined Moulton College in September 2005 and completed the two year Rural Skills course. In her first year, she was extremely shy and lacked confidence. This didn't stop her achieving her college certificate along with many other qualifications. She enjoyed experiencing all the different vocational options, especially Animal Care. She loved cooking and took pride in all the dishes she produced. By the end of the year she knew what she wanted to do as her vocational option and where she wanted her work placement to be. This showed in itself, that she was starting to take control of important decisions about her future.

The second year started very well for Jenna as she quickly adapted to the pace of the course and the varying independence she had to show in getting from one site to another. She gained her certificate in First Aid and started work at the Moulton College Garden Centre. Over the year her confidence grew as she told her peer group in tutorials the different tasks she had done as part of her placement and the meeting and greeting of the public. On the annual residential trip, she showed great courage in attempting all the activities that were put in front of her and played a key part in ensuring there was a good team spirit.

Having successfully completed Rural Skills, Jenna decided that she would like to develop her work skills further and so joined the Bridge to Work course. There she gained the ASDAN FE Challenge Award and the OCR Entry Level Certificate in ICT. The focus of the course was the two days a week she spent on work experience at Wyevale Garden Centre and Hampton House where she worked both in the garden and doing general tasks such as painting in the house.

Over the year on Bridge to Work, there was a gradual but marked improvement in Jenna's confidence resulting in an increased willingness to contribute ideas to class discussion and to attempt to work independently.

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