Student Profiles - Chloe Mitchell

Chloe Mitchell

Chloe Mitchell

Diploma Level 1 Stonemasonry

I started the Level 1 Stonemasonry course in September 2018, after leaving school and not being sure what I wanted to do in the future. I explored different options, and unexpectedly came across stonemasonry, which I had never heard of before. I did further research into what stonemasonry was, and any future roles that could come from completing this course. As a fan of history and historical buildings, as well as art, this course seemed ideal for me. I was able to meet the lecturer, Emma Dexter, at a Moulton College open evening, and she invited me in for a taster day. I did some letter cutting, and decided this would be the course for me.

On my first day, walking into the workshop and seeing all the carvings and technical drawings, I felt intimidated and wondered how I would ever be able to create work at this standard. We had to start with the basics, such as learning about the tools and what they were specifically used for, and we eventually got to put them to use. Holding the chisels and carving felt strange and unnatural at first, but it quickly began to feel comfortable. We also had to complete technical drawings, which was perhaps one of my favourite aspects of the course.

Now I feel much more confident when carving and drawing. The staff also provide great support, and the small groups mean that we get more personal and instant feedback.

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