Student Profiles - Zachary Cresswell

Zachary Cresswell

Zachary Cresswell

Diploma Level 2 Stonemasonry

I chose to study stone masonry at Moulton because it’s what I wanted to do in the future and I wanted to follow my passion through art, history and ancient architecture and learning at Moulton stonemasonry department really helped, I’ve had massive help from my lecturer in sustaining a part time job with a local stonemasonry company, which will lead into an apprenticeship next year in which I can expend my knowledge even further.

In Moulton we do various different job types mainly focusing on banker masonry but will occasionally learn to do carving and sculpting, letter cutting and fixing which keeps the course very much alive.

I’m currently doing my second year and already learnt so much within that small amount of time and in that time I’ve been able to part take in an animal carving of a polar bear for a council project, which will be on display for the public to see.

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