Student Profiles - Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

After completing my A-levels I chose to study an animal related course. About half way through the first year of the A level course however, I found the modules not linked enough to my particular interest in animal behaviour.

When looking around for a course relating more to my passion for animals, I came across the Moulton College degree in Applied Animal Studies. What appealed most to me was the chance not only to expand my knowledge of animals, but also to specialise in particular areas and learn in finer detail what I consider to be my chosen career path.

During the second year, I chose to specialise in animal behaviour and animal welfare, as well as the compulsory modules, as these subjects are close to my heart. Being able to study like this enabled me to not only gain a lot of knowledge,but apply to it to realistic and expected situations.

For my research project in the third year I chose to concentrate on Chimpanzee grooming behaviour. I had a great amount of support from the college, and was able to count on them for advice when I hit rough patches.

The support from all the tutors here has made my degree extremely enjoyable and although most are constantly busy, I felt they always had time to listen to me and help when help was needed. I think an important factor in the staff being able to lend their time so generously was because of the relatively small class sizes. This enabled me to feel that I would be heard unlike if it was a larger class, and made me feel confident enough to express myself.

After completing the degree, I will be travelling to Maui,Hawaii to do a year- long internship at a primate sanctuary.During my time there I will learn about the animals they look after, become proficient in taking care of them, and help to maintain the running of the sanctuary. I feel extremely lucky to have been chosen to become an intern there, and I feel my time at Moulton has contributed hugely to the fact that I have.

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