Student Profiles - Dean Sharman

Dean Sharman

Dean Sharman

I originally chose Moulton College for my studies after working full-time within the pet industry for four years after leaving school. I wanted to further my knowledge of animal care and improve my prospects for future employment. I felt that the facilities available at the College were ideal for providing me with the experience that I needed to fulfil my goals and this is what encouraged me to attend Moulton College. I undertook a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management, which provided me with a good theory base as well as the practical knowledge that is needed within the industry. After the initial award within this course I decided that the BSC in Applied Animal Studies was an ideal progression for me as this course provides in depth theory knowledge as well as the opportunity to undertake more specific streams that would benefit me in the future. I decided to concentrate my studies on Zoo Management and Ecology; this I felt was an ideal combination for my development in order to fulfil my future goals.

My time spent at Moulton College has encouraged me to be more confident in my knowledge and abilities. Through the production of assignments I have honed my organisational skills and my ability to read and understand information written in a scientific manner, allowing me to expand my knowledge relevant to my future goals. Moulton College has allowed me to grow as a person as well as train me to be able to compete in the industry. I feel that the facilities available at the college have aided my education as well as the help and advice of the staff which have consistently aided in my education, listening to me whenever I needed advice or reassurance regarding any aspect of my work.

I intend to progress into the zoo or conservation world after I have finished my studies at Moulton College. Ideally I would like to work for a conservation body that undertakes key management within the UK that will aid species of conservation concern. I feel that my studies at Moulton College have aided in progressing my practical and theory knowledge of the industry in which I would like to work and I feel that Iam well prepared to progress in my future working life.

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