Student Profiles - Gaby Kozak

Gaby Kozak

Gaby Kozak

After completing my A-Levels, I decided to study an animal related course. I have always had a big interest in animal care and wanted to improve my prospects for future employment. I came across the Moulton College BSc degree in Applied Animal Studies which gave me the chance to expand my knowledge and to specialise in particular areas.

During my second year, I chose to specialise in Animal Nutrition and Zoo Management as well as the compulsory modules which provided me with an in depth knowledge in each area. The BSc course taught me a lot. My time management definitely improved to the extent that every assignment was handed in on time and without the need for any extensions. This will help me in the future as I will be able to cope more easily with time related pressures at work and in life in general. My confidence levels also improved during the 3 years due to interactions between lecturers and many students. I received professional support and guidance from all the tutors throughout my studies and although they were constantly busy, I felt they always had time to listen and help me when it was needed.

After completing my degree, I will be working for Mars Petcare as a Unit Specialist in Pet Nutrition. I will be part of a team responsible for the day to day running of pet facilities and the provision of high quality animal care. The job role involves research into pet nutrition, close animal contact with cats and dogs with key responsibilities for providing specialised care, training and socialisation for pets of particular life stages.

I would definitely recommend Moulton College to anyone who aims to pursue a career in the animal industry.

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