Jul 13TH

Moulton Sports Strength and Conditioning

The strength and conditioning department at Moulton College gives academy students the opportunity able to supplement their chosen sport by focussing on athletic development strategies in order to enhance performance.

This is part of their weekly timetable, amongst skills training and lesson content and is designed to both prepare the student athlete for the rigours of senior competition but also educate students on the benefits of sports science practices. This real world, practical example also showcases to the students a possible avenue for future careers within the sports sector.

With this in mind the goal of the strength and conditioning department at Moulton is as follows:

To ensure that students have the knowledge, skillset and ability to apply strength and conditioning principles beyond their years in the Moulton College sports programme to enhance further sports participation”

Students typically receive a one hour long strength and conditioning session per week with a UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach. Alongside their weekly strength and conditioning training, students also have access to a physiotherapist as part of the wider sports medicine programme. This collectively demonstrates the colleges’ drive to provide an excellent student experience alongside outstanding facilities with regards to performance sport as part of their academy programme.

The physiological and psychological demands of the sporting academies at Moulton College are a progression from the high school environment, often competing at National level competition. It is therefore imperative that students understand these principles in order to not only excel in performance but reduce their risk of injury in their chosen sport.

The programme, based on varied simplicity applies the latest in youth athletic development principles to an educational environment of approximately 170 students. This is achieved through the utilisation of a multidisciplinary approach to positively impact the sporting individual. This provides a collective resource that any of the academy students can apply in their future careers as sports practitioners or elite level athletes. 

Interested in joining a Moulton Sports Academy? To find out more call us on 01604 491131, email enquiries@moulton.ac.uk or visit the webpage to apply.