Dec 15TH

Farming the Solar Farm

The Launch of an Exciting new Venture between Moulton College and Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd

Moulton College recently launched an exciting new partnership project with Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd and the University of Northampton. The launch was based around a series of talks presented to interested delegates including local farmers, consultants and students. Guy Smith, the vice president of the NFU, started off the proceedings with a call for more research exploring the interface between green energy and food production. Other highlights included Lightsource Technical Director Chris Buckland who featured an overview of the how the technology works and student Rex Kellett’s exploration of ‘biodiversity down on the solar farm’.

With over 100 delegates present and interest in the farming press, it was no surprise to see the event covered by BBC television and radio!

With an EU target of producing one fifth of all energy from renewables by 2020, photovoltaic (PV) installations on rooftops or at a ‘solar farm’ scale could become one way to produce green energy, tackling issues including climate change head on. Aside from the event, a research officer will be appointed to work with stakeholders to explore how best to integrate food production including livestock grazing with large scale solar installations.

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