Feb 24TH

Moulton College is bucking the trend

Pyranhas on their way to Moulton College!

With another successful half-term firmly under the belt, the students on the Outdoor Adventure course at Moulton College have a lot to look forward to! Not only have they completed more than fifty percent of their academic course but they have taken part in sailing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, and even rock climbing practical sessions. So, what next?

With every sector in the country making cut backs, none more so than the outdoor industry, Moulton College is bucking the trend and investing in its outdoor pursuits provision! The students currently enjoy the privilege of being involved in practical activities undertaken at the SnoZone! in Milton Keynes, the Pinnacle Climbing Centre and the Nene White Water Centre in Northampton. These practical activities enable the students to develop specific skills and talents in a variety of outdoor pursuits, which will be aided by the College making significant investment in some new kayaks!

The students currently receive top-class instruction in both kayaking and canoeing at the Nene White Water Centre. However, top-class instruction is restricted without access to top-class equipment. Moulton College students have always been fortunate enough to have a variety of kayaks and canoes at their disposal. However, the sheer number of students who have developed their skills using this equipment, not to mention the countless number of launches over the years, has taken its toll! Needless to say, the purchase of new kayaks was very welcome news!

To continue to provide the Outdoor Adventure students with the latest cutting edge equipment, the Sports Studies subject area has invested in fourteen, brand new, state-of-the-art kayaks, including all the necessary complementary equipment including throw lines, paddles, helmets and buoyancy aids.  This investment has reinforced the College’s commitment to the subject of outdoor adventure and it is a clear indication that this is an area on its way up!

This year has seen the largest cohort of students embark on the Outdoor Adventure programme and it is expected that this upward trend will continue.  Moulton College is preparing to meet this demand by ensuring that the latest, industry specific equipment is available for students to enhance their outstanding learning experience.  The students will be involved in the whole process, from procuring the kayaks to preparing them for use and maintaining them throughout their course.  The students will also receive a tour and accompanying talk of the entire manufacturing process of the kayaks right through to the retail of the finished products.  This hands-on learning experience is what Moulton College prides itself on, enabling students to have the best vocational learning experience possible, preparing them for their future roles in the industry.

So, whether you know your Kanali from your Shiva, and your Piranhas from your Pyranhas, come to Moulton College on 29th March 2014 to view the latest exciting kayak addition to the Outdoor Adventure course!