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My Experience at Moulton College by Imogen Monger

My Experience at Moulton College

Written by Imogen Monger – Second Year Sport Development, Coaching and Fitness Student

Moulton has some of the best sports facilities in my area which is why I decided to come here and pursue my interest in sport. Moulton College has allowed me to gain a qualification in Sports Development Coaching and Fitness as well as gaining extra qualifications such as my Community Sports Leadership and Principles of Coaching Sport. We do a variety of subjects covering all areas of sport made up of practical and theory. The lecturers are approachable and we get to use some outstanding facilities every day which we often take for granted.

Every Wednesday afternoon we take part in College Sport between twelve and five. During College sport the different teams go on their fixtures.  Trips are held so we get to try different sports such as Ice Skating and Lacrosse. In this time we get to try different sports out and have fun with our friends. I am part of the Badminton team so I often go away on fixtures with other students from college. Being part of a college team has allowed me to get know even more students and progress my badminton skills.

Last year we went on a trip to the Institute of Sport in Sheffield. We caught Jessica Enis in training. This was inspirational for a lot of us meeting an Olympic Gold Medallist who started out like us. It made me want to do the best in what I do.

I am reaching the end of my course and have applied to go to University next year. My tutor and the college careers advisers made the process run smoothly and helped suggest Universities of which they thought would be of interest to me. Before I came to Moulton I was uncertain of what I wanted to do after college but I have taken an interest in the coaching side of my course and am going to University to go into teaching sport in schools.