Jul 4TH

Graduates - Bursaries and Golden Hellos announced today

Today the Government publishes its Workforce Development Strategy, investing an additional £30 million over two years in incentives to help improve the education and training sector workforce.

From September this year all 16 year-olds who have not achieved a GCSE in maths or English at grade C or above must continue with those subjects in order to gain the qualifications or improve their grades. To handle the increased numbers studying for these GCSEs the Education and Training Foundation is leading a drive to recruit new trainee teachers into the sector in the areas of maths, English and SEND. We are looking for high quality graduates with a real passion to teach who have a degree in those subjects or related areas.

The Government has put together some attractive bursary packages to attract able and committed graduates. The highest value bursaries are in maths, with a trainee maths teacher with a first class honours degree in maths qualifying for a bursary of £20,000. There is also a Golden Hello scheme, launched today, worth £7,500 ( £10,000 for those who go on to train in special educational needs) aimed at retaining existing teachers of maths in the second year of teaching.

For more information contact the FE Advice site