Jul 7TH

Moulton Mountaineers Take Club to New Heights!

Moulton Mountaineers Take Club to New Heights!

Level 3 Outdoor Adventure students, always eager to develop their interest and further their skills in outdoor activities, started an extracurricular outdoor climbing club in November 2013. The climbing club, aptly named the Moulton Mountaineers, quickly grew in popularity amongst College students and soon established itself as a permanent fixture on the Moulton College Student Welfare social calendar.

The aim of the club was to give individuals who had an interest in outdoor adventure activities, an opportunity to experience the exhilaration of climbing within a safe and secure environment. The club always intended to be a club run by students for students, and all that was required to become a Moulton Mountaineer, was to be a current Moulton College student.

The Moulton Mountaineers climbed every second week during term time at The Pinnacle Climbing Centre in Northampton. The club members received two hours of climbing instruction along with access to all the necessary climbing equipment in order to take part.

Eleven climbing sessions later it is safe to say that the Moulton Mountaineers Climbing Club is a success. The club managed to average eleven climbers per session and each participant spent on average £85 taking part. No lack of personal commitment and dedication there then!

The ambitions of the students to drive the club forward included applying for and successfully securing funding from Sportivate. The club managed to secure £720 on the proviso that the club continue to function for at least 6 weeks. On surpassing the 6 week target the club decided to invest the money in purchasing new climbing equipment. The idea was to be less reliant on hiring climbing equipment from the Pinnacle Centre, thus lowering the cost of taking part and increasing the opportunity for the club to climb elsewhere.

So what’s next? The club is has development plans in mind for the next academic year (including climbing trips to external climbing walls) and is looking to grow its membership numbers, which has been made all that easier with the help of the new climbing gear.  Thanks must go to Joanna Danvers (Sports Development Officer at Northamptonshire Sport) who assisted the club in securing the funds through Sportivate. Thanks must also go to all the Moulton Mountaineers who have played their part in helping to develop and perpetuate the club over the last year! Let’s hope the next year enables the Moulton Mountaineers to move onwards and upwards (but mainly upwards)!