Mar 21ST

Equine students investigate Evolution and Darwin!

Level 2 and Level 3 Horse Management students recently visited London’s Natural History Museum. The students were given educational tasks to complete whilst at the museum. The Level 2 students were asked to visit the Darwin Centre and look particularly at the evolutionary process the horse has undergone. The evolution of the horse is the most documented form of evolution as the largest number of evolutionary fossils have been found by researchers. This is closely linked to units studied on their course including the ‘evolutionary story of the modern horse’ in their behaviour sessions. Seeing real life fossils really helped them visualise the changes the horse has undergone over millions of years. Amy Buckland, a Level 2 student said, “The skeletons of the horses from millions of years ago were really impressive – I didn’t realise the first horse was actually the same size as a dog. I didn’t really believe it when I was told that in lessons, but now I do!”.

Level 3 students were given educational tasks that allowed them to recap on information they have learnt over the year so far relating to evolution of a number of animal species and the origins of Earth. They were sent to the ‘From the Beginning gallery’ to gather information relating to the formation of Earth and the development of life on Earth, evolution and extinction of a range of species and the evolution of the human species. They also looked at the ‘Human Biology gallery’ where they gathered information relating to how nerves work, the function of the brain, how hormones work and the effect of hormones on the body. This information will help them with their Anatomy and Physiology unit.

Caitlin Found, a Level 3 student, said, “The museum is amazing! There is so much to look at. It was good to have tasks that got us to think about units we are studying, it makes it more realistic and helps us understand things better”. 

Level 3 student Alice Guess said, “I had a lovely day at the museum. There were so many interesting rooms and things to see and learn from – we needed more time there!”

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